Once robots drive us everywhere, future generations will look back at our culture’s love of piloting crushable metal death boxes to and fro, very fast, with horror and fascination. I also predict that autonomous vehicles will become more utilitarian. They will cease to be the status-symbols they are now. Fifty years from now idiots will show off their status with expensive cyborg implants.

But it’s clear from this recent Finnish study that some men are so insecure they have no choice but to spend money on a car that they think shouts “I’m special!” That’s too pathetic for me to even ponder. Imagine having a hole inside you so large you can drive an Audi through it.

Men who drive luxury cars are monsters indeed. They are self-centred megalomaniacs who consider themselves too good for everything and consider women as piece of meat. They are the reason why most of us are in pain, indirectly.

In all this though, there is a laughable irony: THEY ARE NEVER HAPPY. Haha. They are always running, running running…

We put ghosts in machines.

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